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Working It!

New sizzle reel for JAS – please help us push it by sharing this link.


Junk Art Scramble 2015 from edward martinez III on Vimeo.


And here’s the show:


Junk Art Scramble – The Pilot from edward martinez III on Vimeo.


The Pilot is now on Vimeo!

See it here or you can always find it in the second column as “Special For You”!

JAS is Looking for An Agent

We all know entertainment could be better and the Junk Art Scramble could be part of a movement to get positive, art and environment related programming in front of the people who would enjoy it. Unfortunately, most content distributors won’t talk to a production company without an agent. 😦

But there’s something we can do about that, and that’s GET an agent. Numbers will help with that. If we get enough people checking out our site here and viewing our videos on YouTube and talking with us and other people on our FB page, we can demonstrate that good content can be popular content, too.

So if you like our concept of a show about art and upcycling – having fun while doing good – view our vids, like our FB page and ask your friends to do the same.


The Finished Pilot in All Its Glory

PS: You can always find the video by clicking on the link under “Special For You”!

Amazing Concept – The Möbius Ship

The Möbius Ship by Tim Hawkinson

Found objects, twist-ties included

Imagine if the whaling ship in Moby Dick were actually a möbius strip. That’s what Tim Hawkinson has done using mixed media, including found objects and twist-ties in this piece that is on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It’s a stunning idea, executed brilliantly.

Click on the image to go to the museum’s page and learn more.

It’s the Ritt!

Last Friday we held a sort of treasure map/scavenger hunt poetry clue contest and the clues must have been hard, ’cause no one guessed that Team Tannery and Team Cabrillo’s finished sculptures are now installed in downtown Santa Cruz, CA at the Rittenhouse Building (the Ritt), where they will stay for the next couple of months.

Rittenhouse Building, Downtown Santa Cruz, CA

If you plan to be in the Santa Cruz area, take a swing by there and see what was inspired by the late Morton Marcus’s poem, “The Construction.”

As a treat for those of you who can’t see the sculptures in person, take a look at this amusing short film which won a contest for combining art and recycling for the University of North Carolina’s Recycling Dept.:

The Big Reveal

We’ve been running a kind of virtual scavenger/treasure hunt on our FB page, allowing people to guess where Team Tannery and Team Cabrillo’s Junk Art Scramble artworks will be displayed for the next couple of months.

The guessing game ends today, but you still have time to make your guesses by heading over to our Facebook page!

We’re also glad to announce our first sponsor: Goodwill Industries! Go Green – Go Goodwill!